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Tailored support to asynchronous continuous improvement

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Ensure that continuous improvement goes forward and that teams are involved in the process

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What is included✅

Guide the launch and the communication to ensure the good adoption from the team.

Facilitate asynchronous continuous improvement with the Doctors to ensure that the team's skills are enhanced.

Lead by example and solicit asynchronous collective intelligence.

Help you find the right sentences of your questions.

Re-energize the team to move forward on improvement issues.

What is not included❌

Facilitate resolution meetings.

Solve organizational problems.

😍At your request, we can put you in touch with our partners (consultants, solution providers) to assist you in the resolution.

Antoine GirardQuote

Although we have been in a distributed organization for 10 years, Dr. Remote has already allowed us to identify strategic improvement areas after one month

Antoine Girard

CEO - Guestonline - 20 people

Sophie PatatQuote

Our culture is centered on people and distributed management.
Dr. Remote is part of this collective dynamic by giving even more transparency and allowing everyone to contribute simply.

Sophie Patat

Deputy Director - Desirade - 60 people

Cédric SeguineauQuote

Our company is young, in perpetual evolution. It is difficult for us to drive continuous improvement in a synchronous and traditional way.
Dr Remote introduces an asynchronous logic, and gives rhythm to the projects. In my opinion, it is a good tool to get the teams moving and to anchor the principle of continuous improvement in the teams' habits.

Cédric Seguineau

QHSE Manager - Naïo Technologies - 70 people