A price for all kinds of teams


🍼 Develop your skills and gain confidence in small groups.


What is included

  • 9 members

  • 1 consultation by month

  • 1 Doctor


🚀 Use collaborative intelligence on a daily basis with your team.

55 €

By team/month

All features of Free plan

  • 25 members

  • Unlimited consultations

  • Unlimited Doctors

  • Support


💗 Do collaborative intelligence massively and create more connections between groups.

95 €

By team/month

All features of Team plan

  • 100 members


If you have more than 100 members, it is recommended to create more than one team.
It depends on your objectives.

For more details , see FAQ

Our offers adapted to consultants


🍼 Develop your skills and gain confidence in small groups.

0 €

What is included

  • 1 team with 1 Doctor

  • Unlimited Caregivers

  • Until 9 members

  • 1 consultation by month


🚀 Facilitate some collectives on an ad hoc basis

10 €

By Doctor/month

What is included

  • Unlimited teams

  • Unlimited Caregivers

  • Unlimited members

  • 1 consultation by month

  • Support included

Great for

  • Detect

  • Measure


⭐ Facilitate multiple collectives and tailor the pace to their needs

20 €

By Doctor/month

All features of Occasional plan

  • 8 consultations by month

Great for

  • Detect

  • Measure

  • Animate

  • Decide

  • Analyze


💗 Make a real difference in your coaching by systematizing asynchronous

40 €

By Doctor/month

All features of Regular plan

  • Unlimited consultations

For more details , see FAQ

Quickly master the powers of collaborative intelligence

Customized support

From 500€/month (3 months recommended)

Check mark
Take a step back from your current approach to know how to use asynchrone wisely
Check mark
Adapt the first steps to facilitate the adhesion of the teams to the approach
Check mark
Learn through real-life situations
Check mark
Receive feedback on your consultations and question formulation

❌ What is not included

- Facilitate resolution meetings
- Solve organizational problems
😍At your request, we can put you in touch with our partners (consultants, solution providers) to help you improve your organization.


What is a Doctor? What is a Caregiver?

Here is a summary table of the permissions for each profile



Creation and modification of folders

Creation and modification of consultations

Creation and modification of questions

Scheduling of consultations

Members management

Groups management

Collaboration on folders

Preview of consultations

Collaboration on the writing of questions

Collaboration on answers to questions

Qualification of questions

Analysis of reports

What is a member?

A member can answer to consultations and react to the results (like, comment on discussions and proposals).

When a member is assigned to the Caregiver team of a Folder, he/she has Caregiver permissions only on that Folder.

They trust Dr. Remote to improve

Antoine GirardGuestonlineQuote

Although we have been in a distributed organization for 10 years, Dr. Remote has already allowed us to identify strategic improvement areas after one month

Antoine Girard

CEO - Guestonline - 20 people

Sophie PatatQuote

Our culture is centered on people and distributed management.
Dr. Remote is part of this collective dynamic by giving even more transparency and allowing everyone to contribute simply.

Sophie Patat

Deputy Director - Desirade - 60 people

Cédric SeguineauNaïo TechnologiesQuote

Our company is young, in perpetual evolution. It is difficult for us to drive continuous improvement in a synchronous and traditional way.
Dr Remote introduces an asynchronous logic, and gives rhythm to the projects. In my opinion, it is a good tool to get the teams moving and to anchor the principle of continuous improvement in the teams' habits.

Cédric Seguineau

QHSE Manager - Naïo Technologies - 70 people